Hair Care Tips: Try These Home Remedies To Control Hair Breakage, Know about them....


Are you losing sleep over dry, damaged hair that breaks and splits? We've all been there! Hair breakage is very often the result of harsh chemical treatments that cause loss of protein or improper handling of hair. A balanced diet also plays a part in keeping your man healthy and glossy. By extension, lack of proper nutrients and unhealthy eating habits can also reflect upon the state of your hair. In rare cases, dry, brittle hair and hair breakage can point to a medical issue such as hypothyroidism. It’s a good idea to understand and address the underlying cause if your hair health is not all it should be. Aside from that, here are some simple but effective tips to make your hair stronger and fend off those unsightly split ends.


# Avoid Damaging Hair Treatments
Damaged hair breaks easily. Avoid using hot curlers, blow dryers, or straightening or curling irons which expose your hair to heat and weaken it. Incidentally, even excessive sun exposure can damage your hair. So, if you must use heat styling products, don't use them on a high setting or on wet hair. And always take care to follow instructions. Harsh chemicals present in perming, coloring, relaxing, and styling products can also make your hair more vulnerable to breakage.

# Don't Comb Wet Hair
Wet hair breaks more easily than dry hair as it's more elastic. Brushing or combing, or even roughly drying wet hair with a towel, can cause damage. If you have straight hair, let it dry out a bit and then gently run a wide-toothed comb through it. If you have tight curls or textured hair, using a wide-toothed comb on slightly damp hair may be easier.


# Nix The "100 Strokes A Day" Rule
“Brush your hair a 100 times before going to bed and you’ll have a shiny, glossy mane” – we’ve all heard this one, haven’t we! But rather than making your hair shiny or smooth, overbrushing can damage it and lead to split ends. So comb and brush your hair only when you're styling it. Use a wide-toothed comb to gently untangle hair. Using a conditioner can also help tackle those tangles by reducing static. Vegetable oils like olive oil or almond oil work well as hair conditioners if you're looking for a natural option.

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