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Remedies For Split Ends Hair: Beautiful hair adds beauty to anyone's beauty. However, nowadays lifestyle, beauty products and increasing pollution are spoiling the hair. The problem of hair fall, graying and split ends has increased a lot. The problem of having two pimples in the hair of some people is very high. This is called trichoptilosis. To reduce this problem, keep trimming the hair frequently. Take healthy diet. If you want, you can also try some home remedies on the hair. You can get rid of split ends in this way.


Home remedies for hair loss
1- Egg Hair Mask- Egg is beneficial for everyone's hair, but people who have more problem of two pimples in their hair, they must apply hair mask made of egg on the hair. Eggs contain a good amount of protein which makes hair healthy. For this, mix 1 spoon of honey and 3 spoons of olive oil in 1 egg. Leave this pack on the hair for about an hour and then shampoo it.
2- Papaya and curd hair mask- Both papaya and curd are beneficial for hair. To reduce the problem of split hair, apply a hair mask made of papaya on the hair. For this, take the pulp of ripe papaya and mix curd in it. Now apply it on the hair and shampoo it after drying.

3- Apply a hairmask made of honey and curd- If you want to eliminate two-faced hair from the root, then use honey and curd on the hair. This will reduce the dryness of the hair and the split ends of the hair will also be reduced. For this, take some curd and mix 2 teaspoons of honey in it. Leave it on the hair for half an hour and then shampoo it.
4- Apply a hairmask made of banana- To get rid of two-faced hair, apply banana on the hair. Applying a mask made of banana provides nourishment to the hair. It fulfills the deficiency of potassium, zinc, iron and vitamins A, C and E. This reduces hair fall and split ends. For this, take a ripe banana, mash it well and apply it on the hair for half an hour and then shampoo it.

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