Hair Care Tips: Include these things in your diet to stop hair fall, know here...


Foods To Prevent Hair Loss: The relation of thick and healthy hair is directly related to your diet. The effect of what you eat and drink is the reason for the growth of your hair and the change in its texture. Although it is also true that our dust, pollution, chemical hair products, etc. are also the cause of hair fall and weakness, if you take a healthy diet, they also work to keep your hair strong from the inside. . Here we tell you what things you can include in your diet to prevent hair fall and make them healthy.


Include these things in the diet for healthy hair
Protein intake

According to Stylecrase, to strengthen the hair, it is necessary to include more and more protein in your diet. For this, you should consume eggs, chicken, different types of pulses, fish, etc. in your diet.

Healthy fat
For hair growth, you should also include more and more healthy fat in your diet. Healthy fat means omega-3 fatty acid makes hair healthy and also increases hair growth. For this, you can include almonds, walnuts, different types of seeds, fish, etc. in your diet.

Green leafy vegetables
To remove baldness, include more and more green leafy vegetables in your diet. It contains plenty of iron, magnesium, phosphorus, folic acid, vitamins, minerals, etc., which work to strengthen the hair. For this, you should consume kale, spinach, etc regularly.

Different types of vegetables work as powerhouses for healthy hair. To keep hair healthy, you should consume sweet potatoes, carrots, bell pepper, orange, etc regularly. They prevent hair fall.

Cereals help in healthy hair and prevent hair fall. They are rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, etc., which also protect the scalp from the side effects of UV rays.


Probiotic things like curd etc prevent the problem of hair loss. Research has found that Greek yogurt is beneficial for hair follicle development.

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