Hair Care Tips: Hair becomes dry and stiff by applying henna, Make it soft, and shiny with these easy tips...


Hair care tips: Of course, you can give your desired color to the hair by applying henna to the hair, but the henna available on the market is chemical-rich, which makes your hair dry and stiff. We are sharing with you some tips for applying henna, by trying you can make your hair color as well as give it a silky and shiny look.


Use gooseberry
While applying henna, you can mix amla powder or gooseberry oil in henna. Let us tell you that Amla works for deep conditioning of the hair, due to which the hair remains soft and shiny. At the same time, you can also add curd, egg, and almond oil to the henna for better results.

Pack yogurt
To make dry hair soft and get rid of dandruff, applying a curd hair mask is a great recipe. For this, mix lemon juice with 2 teaspoons of olive oil or coconut oil in 1 bowl of curd and apply to the hair. After half an hour washes the hair with a mild shampoo.

Banana hair mask
Nutrient-rich banana is also very beneficial for hair. You can also try a banana hair mask to make hair soft and shiny. For this, make a paste by mixing aloe vera gel and hair oil in 1 banana. Now apply this paste to the hair and after half an hour wash the hair with clean water.


Egg hair mask
To make hair healthy, applying an egg hair mask can be the best option. For this, make a paste by beating the white part of the egg. Add honey, lemon juice, and vinegar to this paste and mix it well. Now apply this paste to the hair and after 20 minutes wash the hair with clean water.

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