Hair Care Tips: Be careful when doing hair smoothing! know its side effects here...


Side Effects Of Hair Smoothing- Everyone wants beautiful, shiny, and glowing hair. Nowadays there is a trend of getting hair smoothing done to keep the hair straight and silky. Especially on parties or other special occasions and if someone is a little stylish, people go to the salon to get hair smoothing done. In the process of hair smoothing, the hair is made soft, silky, and straight through chemical treatment. Hair smoothing lasts for almost a year and during this time the hair remains straight and soft even after washing the hair. Smoothing is a chemical process, in which the hair is saturated in a formaldehyde solution and a layer of amino acids is applied. After saturation, they are dried by straightening them with a heating iron. Due to this, the hair remains straight for a long time and does not get stressed, it also remains silky and shiny.


What could be the loss
Visually, this treatment seems beneficial because people want straight and tangle-free hair. But the help of chemical treatment is taken in this, so it can have many side effects and disadvantages. Although nowadays many people get hair smoothing done, they do not know that repeatedly taking chemical treatment on them causes hair damage and damages their roots.

Chemical effect on hair
According to Health Line, chemical treatment is done on the hair in the process of hair smoothing, so it is bound to have a bad effect on the hair. Any kind of chemical makes delicate hair rough and weak. When seen from above, the hair looks shiny but it starts losing its natural strength.

Hair roots are weak
In hair smoothing treatment, due to chemicals and heating, there is a lot of damage to the roots of the hair. Instead of being strong, the roots are weak and the glands that grow new hair are also weak, due to which the process of new hair formation either slows down or stops.

Hair becomes rough and dull
Due to the frequent use of chemicals, they lose their natural shine and start getting dull. Think for yourself, if a chemical layer is always on the hair, then how will they get natural nutrition? Therefore, an excessive hair smoothing process can make hair lose its natural shine and nutrition.

Irritation of skin, eyes, and respiratory tract
Hair smoothing not only damages the hair and hair roots but also damages the skin. This can cause allergies. Contact with the chemical can cause damage to the eyes and complaints of irritation of the respiratory tract are also seen during and after treatment. Due to continuous hair smoothing, people also face problems in their lungs.


Disruption of natural bonds leads to hair fall
During hair smoothing, applying a chemical layer on the hair roots and cells can damage the natural cuticles. Due to heating and ironing, split ends can occur, the problem of dandruff can increase and the hair can become weak due to continuous heating.

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