Gas and bloating: These 5 vegetables will remove the problems related to digestion, must be included in the diet


Gas and bloating: In the winter season, we are not able to pay proper attention to our diet, due to which our digestive system gets spoiled. For this reason, we get the problem of gas, bloating, constipation etc. In such a situation, there are some green vegetables, which can help you overcome these problems. Fresh green vegetables are very important for our health. The amount of fibre in these vegetables is high, which is considered very good for the stomach.


You can improve your digestive system by including Loki in your diet. You can include bottle gourd in your diet in any season. Bottle gourd is rich in fibre and it is low in calories, due to which it can also be consumed to reduce weight.

Green leafy vegetables are very beneficial for digestion. If you want to eat fresh vegetables in winter, then spinach can be a good option for you. Apart from this, you can remove digestive problems by preparing spinach juice as well. Spinach is rich in iron, which can cure anaemia.

Green beans
You can also overcome digestive problems by consuming green beans. It is easily available in all seasons, so you must include it in your diet.

Garlic cloves present in your kitchen are very good for digestion. By eating garlic bud on an empty stomach in the morning, your digestive system will work well. If you want to improve digestion, definitely include garlic in your diet.

Fenugreek greens are easily available in winter. You can eat fenugreek greens to remove digestive problems caused by colds. Fenugreek greens are beneficial for diabetes patients.

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