Food Recipe: Children want to feel special on Republic Day, try this recipe of Tricolor Dhokla..


After two days, Republic Day means Republic Day. The Indian Constitution was implemented on 26 January 1950 and since then it is being celebrated as a special day. People celebrate this day in their ways, which fills their hearts with patriotism. On the occasion of Republic Day 2023, watching the parade at Delhi's Rajpath is the best way to celebrate this day. But some people have to celebrate Republic Day by staying at home. By the way, you can double the fun of celebration through food too. Here we are going to tell you the recipe for Tiranga Dhokla, whose taste is amazing. You can make Tricolor Dhokla on Republic Day and feed it to children and make them feel special. You must try it once.


You will need these things to make it
Semolina (250 grams)
Gram flour (one cup)
Tomato (2)
Curd (one cup)
Curry leaf
coconut powder
Mustard seeds (one teaspoon)
Lemon juice
Green chilli (optional)
Eno fruit salt (one teaspoon)

How to make Tricolor Dhokla
Step 1 Prepare batter of three different colours
Take out the semolina in three different bowls.

Step 2 Prepare the Green Batter
Now wash and grind the spinach. Put it in a bowl of semolina. Put some chilli in it. Mix it well.

Step 3 Prepare the saffron coloured batter
Make tomato puree. Mix it well by adding it to another bowl of semolina.

Step 4 White Batter
You will not need any colour for this. Pour lemon juice into all the bowls. Put salt inside everyone. Mix the paste well.

Step 5 Prepare the batter of all the three colours
Now keep the batter of all three colours covered for 10 to 15 minutes. This will cause swelling.

Step 6 Heat the water
Place a mesh stand in a vessel. Add 3 cups of water to it. Cover it and keep it warm. Let the water evaporate.


Step 7 Make Dhokla
Now put oil on the plate for making Dhokla. Place butter paper over it. Now first add the green coloured batter. Then add white coloured batter and then add saffron coloured batter. Place the thali on the stand. Let the dhokla cook.

Step 8- Dhokla is ready
When the Dhokla is cooked, take it out. Cut it. After this serve the family with chatki. Everyone will like this dhokla very much.

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