Fashion Tips: Wear a saree in these ways in winter, you will get a stylish look with protection from cold...


Tips to carry a saree in winter: The custom of wearing a saree by women in the country is centuries old. From special occasions to everyday life, most women feel comfortable in sarees. However, it is a very difficult task for women to avoid the cold by wearing a saree in winter. In such a situation, if you want, you can wear a saree in some special ways in winter, along with protecting yourself from the cold, you can also carry a stylish look.


To stay safe from the cold in winter, women have to wear warm clothes over the saree. Because of this, the look of a women's saree is completely hidden. On the other hand, women are also at risk of catching a cold by avoiding woolen cloth. In such a situation, some tips to wear a saree can be very useful for you. By following this you can get a comfortable and best look even with a saree in winter.

Try an overcoat
Wearing an overcoat with a saree is very trending. In such a situation, you can enhance your look by carrying a contrasting overcoat on the saree during winter. Whereas black and brown colored overcoats suit every color saree. But don't forget to keep the length and fitting in mind while wearing an overcoat.

Wear full sleeve blouse
To get a stylish and comfortable look in winter, you can wear a full-sleeve blouse with a saree. This will make your look awesome in a saree. Apart from this, wearing a shirt instead of full sleeves blouse can also be a good option. On the other hand, you can try a cool and different look by wearing simple jewelry with a shirt.

Carry a jacket
You can easily carry off the best and most stylish look even by wearing a jacket with a saree in winter. In such a situation, a selection of ethnic, denim, and leather jackets or blazers can be perfect for you. At the same time, you can keep the buttons of the jacket and blazer open or closed according to your comfort.

Wear a high-neck blouse
The fashion of wearing a contrasting high-neck blouse with a saree is trending. In such a situation, during winter, you can also try a high-neck blouse with a saree. Let us tell you that a light-shade high-neck blouse with a dark-colored saree can give you a very stylish look.


Saree and shawl combination
Carrying a shawl with a saree in winter also works to enhance the look of women. On the other hand, wearing a pashmina and silk shawl with a saree can prove to be a better option for you. With this, not only can you avoid the cold, but by putting a shawl on one end of the shoulder, you can achieve a traditional stylish look.

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