Fashion Tips: Old salwar will give a stylish look, use it again like this...


Fashion Tips To Reuse Old Salwar: Women also have many options in Indian traditional clothes. From every day to college, office, and party wear, most women carry salwar kurta in traditional clothes. Salwar suits are easily found in the wardrobes of most Indian girls and women. In such a situation, many times the salwar of girls is kept like this in the wardrobe and becomes old. But if you want to reuse your old salwar then here are some stylish tips for you. Take note of the tips to turn an old salwar into a stylish skirt.


Easy tips to make a skirt from salwar
-First of all choose the right salwar, whose design and print can look good when it is made of a skirt.

-Now turn the salwar upside down and mark it with the help of a square according to your size.

-According to the mark, cut the salwar leaving some space.

-In the next steps, stitching the salwar clothes together is to be done. Keeping the pieces together, sew along the edges with a sewing machine.

-If you are not good at cutting and stitching then you can also convert a salwar into a skirt according to your design in any tailor or boutique.

Give skirt design to salwar
Simple skirt
These days pleated skirts are very much in trend. In such a situation, if you have a simple salwar, then you can convert it into a pleated skirt. Untie the bottom part of your old salwar and separate the salwar belt from the top. Now by connecting the two parts of the bottom of the salwar, get them stitched according to the fitting. From above also add the salwar belt according to the skirt.


Short skirt
From casual to party wear, the trend of the short dress has increased. In such a situation, you can design a short skirt with any of your printed salwar or simple plain salwar and wear it on any occasion. For this use the upper part of your salwar. A short skirt can be easily made with a salwar belt. Can be decorated with lace.

Long skirt
If you want, you can make a long skirt out of a salwar. This type of skirt can become very attractive with a pretend salwar. Opening the stitching of the salwar is to mark only by joining the cloth of the salwar together. Wear clothes according to your length. If the cloth is falling short then any other cloth can also be used. Sew all the salwar pieces together like a skirt.

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