Fashion Tips: Match t-shirt with ripped jeans in this way, you will look stylish..


If you want a hot and stylish look in denim too. So try ripped jeans. B-town beauties are often seen in a hot and bold look with distressed jeans. To give a minimal but stylish touch to ripped jeans, it just needs to be matched with a simple t-shirt. In which you will look cool and stylish too. Ripped jeans look bold and glamorous in themselves, so instead of overdoing the look with a bold neckline or a stylish top, match it with a simple t-shirt. B-town beauties also pair t-shirts with ripped jeans to balance the look. However, you can try this kind of experiment with a t-shirt.


Knot like Rashmika Mandanna
If you are matching ripped jeans with a simple t-shirt with a round neck. So the color will look a little brighter. On the other hand, like Rashmika Mandanna, it can be given a naughty look by putting a knot on the hemline of a t-shirt. It will look cool and stylish too.


One shoulder dressed like Sara Ali Khan
If you find the t-shirt looks boring with ripped jeans. So like Sara Ali Khan, you can style the oversize t-shirt from near the shoulder like this. It will look very cool and stylish.


If you want to look cool in ripped jeans then just match them with a round neck t-shirt. Together the sneaker will be enough to complete the look.

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