Fashion Tips: Know which color corrector will be used to hide the blemishes on the face...


Every woman wants flawless and glowing skin. But it's hard to be with everyone. Because everyone's skin is different. In such a situation, problems like acne, acne, freckles, and wrinkles can bother anyone. But these things can be hidden with the help of makeup. There are color correctors in the market. which are of different colors. One should know all the ways to use them on the face. So that you can get perfect skin.


According to the type of skin, different colored color correctors work to hide the blemishes on it. So let's know which color corrector will help in hiding your skin and spots.

Peach color corrector
A peach-colored color corrector is available in the market. It is used to hide dark spots under the eyes and dark spots on the face. Peach color corrector works well on light to medium skin tones. A peach color corrector is of great use if you want to hide the pigmentation of the face.

Orange color corrector
An orange color corrector should be used for dark skin tone. If there are dark circles under the eyes or if there are very dark black spots on the face, then the orange color corrector works very well to hide them. But this color corrector should be used very carefully in very small amounts. Because if it gets too much on the face then the makeup will look ugly.


Red color character
Many makeup hacks tell us to use red lipstick as a color corrector. But the red color corrector looks good only on a very deep skin tone. Those who have dark spots on their face. She can use a red color corrector.

Green color character
If there is redness or red spots on the face or there are pimples and acne, then only the green color corrector works on them. The green color corrector matches the skin by hiding the redness. Due to this, the face starts appearing with an even skin tone.

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