Fashion Tips: If you do not feel like wearing old clothes, then recycle them and get a stylish look, Here are the tips..

Recycle Your Cloths: The demand for fashion has increased every day in the changing world. Everyone wants to look stylish and cool. Fashion trends are also changing rapidly. In such a situation, it is not even possible to buy new clothes every other day, but there are many clothes in the house, which are either old or do not fit now, then there is no need to remove these clothes, because by being a little creative, you can make it Can give such a look, which will be stylish as well as in fashion trends. Follow these tips to recycle old clothes...
Give a stylish look to torn jeans
If you are bored of wearing the same jeans, or the jeans are old and you do not want to use it anymore, then instead of throwing it away, you can give a stylish look. You can make new shorts by cutting torn and old jeans. For this, all you have to do is pick up a scissor and cut off the part of the jeans which has got damaged. You can give it any look you want.
Evening gown from old sari-dupatta
Many times the use of saris or dupatta is stopped when they are old or get torn. But instead of doing this, you can make her a stylish suit or evening gown. Select the fabric that can be used for it. Instead of taking a new dress fabric, make it a stylish suit or evening gown. If the saree has a fancy border or sequins or beautiful lace, then you can take out the cloth for the lehenga and whatever is left can be used to make a blouse or dupatta.
Dupatta doormat will give new look to the house
Now if you have any dupatta or chunni lying idle in the house, then you can use it to make doormat. For this, cut your dupatta in a row, then fold it into a circle. Prepare many balls in this way and add them all together to give the shape of a flower. You can prepare the doormat in any style you want.
Make a graphic t-shirt a halter-neck top
Many people keep graphic T-shirts of their favorite celebrity or any favorite thing. These T-shirts are very cheap but after some time they start getting spoiled. In such a situation, it can be used again by giving a new look. This T-shirt can be teamed with a chunky belt to make a halter-neck top or dress. You can create a different look by cutting the design of the T-shirt and pasting it in the photo frame.
Use old suit like this
If you have an old suit, then you can make a cushion cover for the sofa at home. Take your suit, cut it from the neck down and separate it. Separate both the sleeves of the suit. Now the empty cloth left over from one cut sleeve, divide it into two pieces in the shape of a sofa. Now sew its four sections together and leave one side open. Now use this cushion cover.

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