Fashion Tips: Get the perfect look with a saree on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, know how...


If you are wearing a floral printed saree on Rakshabandhan then you can follow styling tips to make your look perfect. Carry a floral saree on this occasion. This is a style that never stays out of trend. Apart from this, it also makes your festive look perfect.

The style will grow like this
The special thing is that it can be easily carried from western wear to Indian wear. Not only does it look beautiful but it is also comfortable. Your look looks elegant and perfect in a simple and floral saree. So know which tips will work for you.


Focus on color
In the summer season, you can opt for a large floral print or dark floral saree on an off-white base. This can be a good option. This is a style that makes the look beautiful.

Pay attention to the blouse
Pay attention to the blouse you carry. To make the look perfect, you can give a different look by pairing the saree with a suitable blouse. Pair the saree with off shoulder blouse, plain blouse, and matching floral printed blouse. This floral saree will give a cool look in summer. Apart from this, carry a sleeveless or tube-style blouse. Apart from this, plunging neckline blouses and sleeveless sequined blouses also look good with floral printed sarees. Also, choose jewelry that will avoid etching in summer. If you want, it is desirable to wear pearl jewelry with a floral saree.

Choose the right border saree
Pay attention to the floral printed saree border. Sure, a floral printed saree with stone or beads work can give you a festive look. Apart from this, you can also use shimmering zari work. Not only does it look stylish, but it also makes the look stylish.

Take care of accessories
The floral printed saree look has a special combination of accessories. If you wear a floral printed saree casually, then you can keep the accessories to a minimum. Apart from this, carry a statement look. If you do not want to carry a neckpiece, then long earrings also give a perfect look.

Choose the right makeup
If the makeup is right with a floral printed saree, then you can create a different look according to different occasions. If you want a special look for this, then you can choose bright bold makeup. Dark red lips look good with a small dot saree. Apart from this, dark eye makeup with nude lips also gives a great look.


Make the look great with the right hairstyle
You can carry many hairstyles with floral printed saree. You can see the soft waves that open. Making a bun can also be a good option. You can give an elegant look to the saree by making a lower bun, which can be a good option to manage the hair in this hairstyle.

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