Fashion Tips: For a smart and perfect look choose the dress according to your body shape, know how...


Fashion tips: It is very important to have proper dressing sense to get the best look. Although many times while buying clothes, people give special attention to the dress and ignore their body shape. Because of this, even the best dress does not suit you. But at the same time, by wearing clothes according to your body shape, you can easily achieve the perfect look.


Not every dress suits everyone's personality. In such a situation, many people select the dress by following the fashion trends. But it may be that that dress does not look good on your figure. That's why it is important to keep the body shape in mind while choosing a dress. So let's know some tips to choose clothes according to the figure.

Dressing Sense for Oval Shape
Women with oval shapes have rounded shoulders and abdomen. In such a situation, choosing a formal jacket can be the best for you. This will give an attractive look to your shoulders. Whereas the neckpiece will work to add charm to your look. Apart from this, women with oval body shapes should avoid wearing tight and skinny clothes. Also, do not wear clothes tucked in.

Dressing Sense for Triangle Body Shape
The hips area of ​​women with triangle body shapes is larger than the neckline. In such a situation, carrying a top or jacket from the hips to the bottom can be a good option for you. On the other hand, light-colored fitting dresses will also suit you a lot. Apart from this, you can also try dark trousers, pants, and skirts.

Dressing Sense for Hourglass Body Shape
Generally, women with heavy chests and hips have an hourglass body shape. Fit and flare clothes look better on women with this body shape. And tights and cropped pants can also enhance your look. But if your body shape is an hourglass, then V shape neck will suit you more than a deep neckline.


Dressing Sense for Apple Body Shape
The upper body part of women with an apple body shape is heavy and the lower part is thin. Most tunics and tops suit women with this body shape. On the other hand, a dress with a tight waistline can spoil your look. That's why you should avoid wearing such clothes

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