Facebook Update: How to download Facebook videos without a third-party app, Click here to know...


Facebook needs no introduction. It is one of the most used social media platforms in the world. In the Facebook app, you get almost every feature that you want to use. In this, users get instant messaging. Along with this, the option of stories is also available in it. Not only this, Facebook also gives you birthday reminders. Some people even shop on it.


Apart from all this, many more features are now available in the app. Simple things like viral video and photo sharing are also available on Facebook. While scrolling through the platform, you may come across many viral videos that you want to share with your friends on other platforms, but sometimes sharing the link doesn't work because sometimes your friends don't even click on the link.

No need for third party app
In such a situation, instead of sending the link to your friend, you can download the video from Facebook and share it with your friends. Now you will say that you have to use a third party app to download the video. But do you know that videos on Facebook can be downloaded without using any other app.

How to download videos from facebook without any app"
To download a video on Facebook without the help of any other app, first you open the Facebook app and tap on the video that you want to download. After that tap on share button, now it will see an arrow on the right side. Tap on Copy link here. After that go to savefrom.net on the browser of your choice or simply click on the above link. Now paste the link in the section that says, 'Paste your video link here.' Then tap on Download. Now select the resolution in which you want to download the video and tap on Download Video.


It is worth noting that to save the video for iOS users, open the download section in the Safari browser and open the video. Finally tap the share icon at the bottom and tap Save Video, which will then save the video to your iPhone's Camera Roll.

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