Eye Makeup tips: Keep these things in mind during eye makeup, your makeup will last for a long time...


To increase the attractiveness of the face, the eyes need the most attention and for this women also take the help of makeup. Eye makeup helps to make the eyes beautiful and attractive. But women have this problem related to eye makeup that makeup does not last long. As soon as the makeup is gone, the beauty of the face also starts decreasing. In such a situation, all women want their makeup to last for a long time. In such a situation, today we have brought some such tips related to eye makeup for you, with the help of which your makeup will last for a long time. So let's know about these makeup tips...


First clean the eye area
Our eyes have an effect on the whole look, so it is important to clean that part before doing eye makeup. Oil accumulates in the area around the eyes. Applying kajal is very easy, but our aim is to prevent it from spreading. You can use a cleanser to clean the eyes. If you have a burning sensation around the eyes for any reason, then ice can be used.

Apply eye primer
Like you apply face primer, eye primers are great for building a base so that the eyeshadow stays on for a long time and doesn't budge. When you start eye makeup, before that prepare a base by applying eye primer and then proceed to the next steps.

Use water proof makeup
This season, if possible, you should use water proof makeup, this will make your makeup last and will not come off, but if you do not have water proof makeup, then you can make your makeup last in many other ways.


Apply setting spray to eyeshadow brush
Some of us ladies try this tip, but some don't know about it. Before you start applying eyeshadow, sprinkle a little setting spray on your eyeshadow brush. Actually, when you apply any kind of shimmery eyeshadow, it starts falling in a while. By spraying the spray in the brush, then applying eyeshadow with it, then the eyeshadow will last for a long time and will also get an intense look.

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