Eye Care Tips: Contact lenses can make your eyes red, do not ignore them, know what is the reason...


Eyes Are Getting Red Due To Contact Lens- Changes in lifestyle and fashion have given more promotion to contact lenses. At present, about 40 percent of the youth are using contact lenses. Although wearing lenses not only enhances the personality but also gets rid of the hassle of removing and applying glasses. But, many times the eyes become red due to continuous wearing of contact lenses, which can also be a sign of a bigger problem. Although the lens is small and harmless, sticking to the surface of the eye for hours can damage the eyes.


For the safety of the eyes, it is very important to remove the contact lenses after a few hours. If the eyes are getting red every time by using the lens, then there can be some reason behind it, let's know about it.

Giant papillary conjunctivitis
According to Very Well Health.com, giant papillary conjunctivitis is a condition commonly found in people who wear contact lenses. According to Verywell Health, GPC is a type of inflammation that can result from using a foreign object in the eye. This problem can be caused by not wearing or cleaning the lens properly.

Claire means red eyes caused by contact lenses. This problem can be caused by bacteria in the eye while applying the lens. Many times the bacteria remain stuck in the lens due to which the eye can also become red.

Overuse of contact lens solution
If contact lens solution is not used correctly, the eyes may become red. Overuse of the solution, not cleaning the lenses, or leaving the solution on the lenses can cause swelling and redness of the eye.


People who have allergies in their eyes can sometimes have trouble wearing contact lenses. Allergies can cause constant itching, tearing, and vision problems in the eyes. Allergies in the eye can be caused by pollution or dust.

Eyes can become red due to allergy or bacterial infection in the eye. Which can increase by wearing contact lenses. The problem in the eye should not be ignored.

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