E-Shram Card Holder: 1000 rupees have come in the accounts, check your account,  know how...


There is good news for e-shram card holders. Under the e-shram card, the government gives allowance to the workers working in the unorganized sector for maintenance. The benefits of this assistance scheme of the government can be availed by street vendors, rickshaw and handcart drivers, washermen, tailors, cobblers, fruit-vegetable sellers, etc. 500 per month is provided to the e-Shram card holders in their bank account. The government has sent 1000 rupees to the account of all e-shram card holders.


Money has started
The Uttar Pradesh government has released the data of the workers who benefited from the e-shram card. According to the figures of the government, the number of workers who got the first installment is more than 2 crores. The government has sent 1000 rupees to the accounts of two crore people. Now the workers are also going to get 500 rupees for the next installment. The government will send this money to the bank account of the workers under Direct Benefit Transfer. If the money has not arrived in your account yet, then you can easily check the payment status.

Get this facility
In this scheme, workers get accident insurance up to Rs 2 lakh. At the same time, the government is also preparing to give pensions to the beneficiaries through e-shram. The government assists pregnant women of poor families with maintenance. The government is running every possible scheme for the welfare of the poor. Along with all the schemes, it also provides funds for the construction of houses for poor families. The government is also planning to provide financial assistance in the education of children.


How to check payment status
Check the message received on your account-linked mobile number thoroughly. If for some reason the mobile number is not linked with the bank, then get information from the post office or bank. You can also check the payment status by entering the passbook. Apart from all this, account checking can also be done through apps like Google Pay, and Paytm available on mobile.

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