Dry Ginger Chutney Recipe: Make this wonderful chutney this season, know the recipe here...


In this season, there is less desire to eat vegetables. In such a situation, if people feel like trying something different, then these days they can eat hot potato paratha or onion-radish paratha with dry ginger chutney. Nothing can be a better option for you this season. Now the question is how to make dry ginger chutney at home, so today's article is on this topic.


How to make dry ginger chutney
First, you wash and separate the ginger powder and amchur powder, and then cut the dates into small pieces.

Now make cardamom powder and keep it in a different place.

Now put tamarind with water in a bowl and keep it soaked for 5 to 6 hours.

Now put a big glass full of water in the mixture made and leave it to boil after turning on the gas. After 2 minutes again add a cup of water to it.

Now cover it with a big pot and cook it. When the tamarind becomes soft, turn off the gas and leave it for a while.

Now mash the tamarind well and remove the remaining part.

Put the tamarind mixture in a mixer and stir it with water.


Now take out the prepared mixture from the mixer and filter it.

Now add a cup of water to the mixture and put it on the gas. After this, add salt, black salt, dry ginger powder, garam masala, raisins, dates, and sugar to the mixture and mix well.

Now let the mixture cook and when the mixture becomes thick, turn off the gas and add cardamom powder on top. Your dry ginger chutney is ready.

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