Dementia Prevention: Diabetes Is Decreasing Memory? 7 lifestyle habits will prevent cognitive impairment 


Type 2 Diabetes And Dementia Link: There is a direct link between type 2 diabetes and dementia. People whose blood sugar level remains high, are more prone to it. Learn how diabetes damages your memory.


  • Exercising for about 20 minutes a day reduces the risk of dementia.
  • Getting enough sleep of 7 to 9 hours every day is beneficial for diabetic patients.

Diabetes Increases Risk Of Strokes: Diabetes has become a common problem in today's era. A large number of youth are also falling prey to diabetes. In this disease, the production of insulin in the body of people decreases, or the body is unable to use it properly. Because of this, the blood sugar level increases and the problem of diabetes occurs. Insulin is a hormone that is necessary to control blood sugar. Your brain is badly affected due to diabetes. Because of this, people are falling prey to diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's at a young age. What is the link between diabetes and dementia? Know about this.

Know the connection between diabetes and dementia

People with type 2 diabetes have twice the risk of developing dementia than other people. So far this has been revealed in many types of research. According to a report by the National Institute of Aging, diabetes increases the risk of dementia in young people. Dementia is usually a disease in people aged 70 years or more, in which people's memory becomes very weak and they forget about their daily needs. A recent study has revealed that people aged 65 to 70 years with type 2 diabetes have a 24% higher risk of dementia. Apart from this, people with pre-diabetes are not at risk of it.

How to protect diabetic patients from dementia

If diabetic patients adopt some healthy habits and lifestyles, then the risk of dementia can be reduced to a great extent. According to the report of Healthline, a recent study has been told about these good habits. Let's take a look at these-

  • Quitting smoking immediately will benefit
  • Alcohol consumption should be reduced
  • Exercise 2.5 hours every week
  • Get enough sleep of 7 to 9 hours every day
  • A diet rich in fruits and vegetables should be taken
  • It is important to be physically active every day
  • Get out of the house and meet people

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