Dark Lips: Is the blackness of the lips putting a stain on your beauty too? Know its reason and home remedies....


Dark Lips: Lips have a huge contribution in the beauty of the face, but you must have often seen that many people's lips turn black, due to which the beauty gets stained. It is believed that the lips of people who are smoking more cigarettes turn black, although the thing to be seen is that the lips of women who do not smoke cigarettes also remain pigmented. This happens because there is a change in our lifestyle which does not suit us and it slowly starts showing its effect on the lips. Apart from this, there are some women who consume very less water, due to lack of proper hydration of the body, the lips turn black as well as dry.


Let us know what could be the reasons for darkening of lips.
1. Allergy to Lipstick, Lipgloss: Many of us are women who love to wear lipstick because a lipstick makes your face glow like the moon, but you will be surprised to know that due to this lipstick your lips start getting dark. Because lipsticks can contain a certain amount of chemicals, which can darken the lips with regular use. Always pay attention to its ingredients while buying lipstick. Keep in mind that lipstick with cheap ingredients, chemical colors is not safe on the skin.

2. Allergy to Silver Coated Mouth Fresheners: Many of us use mouth fresheners to keep the mouth fresh. Many people eat simple mouth freshener while many people keep silver coated mouth freshener. According to the doctor, silver mouth freshener can cause irritation and burning on your lips, it may make your mouth feel fresh and fresh but it is very harmful for the skin of the lips.

Due to sun exposure: The harmful rays emanating from the sun affect our skin, that is why sun exposure also makes our lips dark. The hyperpigmentation caused by this leads to darkening of the lips. Excessive exposure to the sun without any lip protection can lead to overproduction of melanin. Which can lead to pigmented or dark lips.

Who should get treatment for black lips?
1. You can treat black lips with ghee and almonds. The benefits of this are that ghee is known to improve blood circulation and repair and regenerate damaged cells. Regular use of pure ghee can lighten the pigmentation and dark skin of the lips.


2. Smoking should be avoided, apart from this, do not apply fragrance based lip product on the lips.

3. Cucumber juice is rich in antioxidants and silica, this compound lightens the dark color of the lips by reducing pigmentation, then apply the paste on the lips for 15 to 20 minutes and wash it with water, do this 2 times a day. Do this, there will be a lot of improvement in the color of the lips.

4. Black lips can also be changed to natural color again with the use of Aloe vera. Aloe vera has inflammatory properties along with auxin, which is used to change the color of the lips. You can apply aloe vera on the lips at any time. This will also make the lips soft and the natural color can also come back.

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