Dark Chocolate Coffee Recipe: Make Dark Chocolate Coffee in this easy way, very easy to make...


If you also like the taste of dark chocolate coffee and want to try this recipe at home, then you can make it easy with the help of our mentioned recipe. Dark chocolate is also considered beneficial in terms of health. Let's know the simple method of making dark chocolate coffee.


Ingredients for making dark chocolate coffee
Milk - 2 cups
Dark chocolate - 2 pieces
Coffee powder - 1 tsp
Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp
Sugar powder - 4 tsp
Ice cubes - 4-5

Dark Chocolate Coffee Recipe
To make dark chocolate coffee, first put milk in a utensil and keep it on medium flame to heat. Keep in mind that the milk has to be slightly heated. After the milk becomes hot, turn off the gas and put milk in a utensil and add coffee powder to it and mix it well. Mix the milk with the help of a spoon for at least five minutes.


Now pour this milk into a mixer jar and put crushed dark chocolate in it. Now add ground cardamom powder and sugar powder to it. After this, put the lid on the mixer jar and grind it once. After this, open the lid and put three to four ice cubes in it, and run the mixer once more. After this, pour dark chocolate coffee into a serving glass and serve after adding 2-3 ice cubes and crushed chocolate on top.

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