Damp Drinking: What is Damp Drinking trending on social media, this is the best way to drink alcohol!


Ideas related to health, beauty and lifestyle trends on social media. One of these is Damp Drinking, through which the best way to drink alcohol is going viral. In this trend, it is advised to drink alcohol in moderation. Tiktok star Hannah Elson has shared the post by connecting it to the Damp lifestyle. According to him, drinking culture and your relationship with alcohol should not be black or white. In simple words, you should drink alcohol while staying within the limit.


The TikTok star says that there is a way between going to the bar to enjoy and drinking alcohol. One should understand the difference between enjoying drinking and excessive drinking.

An expert from Hyderabad said that continuous consumption of alcohol harms health. Instead, the method of moderation should be tried. It is best to adopt the method of moderation for alcohol. Experts say that even if you are addicted to 60 ml of alcohol daily, it damages your liver and metabolism. Not only this, but it also increases the risk of cancer. Whether you are addicted to it or you drink 6 drinks at an event, your body will have to bear its loss.


Experts say that you can make some changes in the way you drink alcohol. Drink fewer alcoholic drinks and keep drinking water in between. Do not let the drinking limit go above 60 mm even on special occasions. If you are troubled by the habit of drinking, then instead of this adopt good habits like joining laughing clubs and gardening. If you are interested in something else then start doing it and see the difference in a few days.

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