Crispy Lachha Paratha Recipe: Make Crispy Lachha Paratha at home, know the recipe here...


-2 cups wheat flour

-2 tsp lukewarm ghee/oil (for moyan)

-Ghee/oil as required for baking

-salt to taste


Add lukewarm ghee/oil (for moyan) and salt to the wheat flour and mix it well.

Knead by adding water as required.

Cover it with a cloth and keep it for 20 minutes.

Make a lemon-sized ball and roll out a big roti.

Apply ghee/oil to the roti.

Fold the roti from one edge to the other and make a dough.

Roll out the roti by applying a little flour.


Apply ghee to the tawa and bake it till it becomes golden and crispy on both sides.

Serve with potato sabzi, pickle, and curd.

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