Cooking Hacks: Follow these easy ways to make the gravy thick, add a double dose of health...


Cooking tips: To make the diet healthy and tasty, most people do not forget to add vegetables to the food, but sometimes the gravy becomes thin while making vegetables. In such a situation, with the help of some easy methods, you can not only make the vegetable gravy thick in minutes, but you can also double the taste of the vegetable. You can make the vegetable gravy thick by following some cooking tips. Let us know some tips to thicken the gravy.


Use onion
Onion can be best used to thicken the vegetable gravy. For this, grind the onion and make a paste and take the help of onion paste to make gravy. This will make your vegetable quite tasty too.

Tomato Mix
Without tomatoes, the taste of the vegetable becomes dull. At the same time, the sourness of tomatoes is also helpful in making the vegetable gravy thick. For this, while preparing the vegetable, grind the tomato and mix it in the gravy. If you do not like sour vegetables, then you can also add 1 teaspoon of sugar to the gravy.

Add cashews
Using cashews can also be a good option to make the vegetable healthy and make the gravy thick. For this, grind cashew nuts by adding a little water. Now add cashew paste to the gravy. Especially adding cashew paste to paneer curry will double the taste of the vegetable.

Mix makhana
You can also use makhana to make the gravy thick. Make a paste by grinding the makhana and adding it to the vegetable. Apart from this, you can also grind the makhana after dry roasting to enhance the taste of the vegetable.

Add sattu batter
The use of sattu can also be effective to thicken the vegetable gravy. For this, mix water in sattu flour and make a solution. Now adding this solution to the gravy will make the vegetable thick.

Add carrot puree
You can also add carrots to make the vegetable tasty and nutrient-rich. For this, make a puree by grinding the carrot and add it to the gravy and mix it well. This will make your vegetable thick.


Mash potatoes
It is quite easy to make potato curry thick. You don't need anything extra for this. Let us tell you that after the vegetable comes to a boil, mashing the potatoes lightly will make the gravy thick on its own.

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