Cheapest Market In Delhi: Azad Market in Delhi is the cheapest for cloth shopping in bundles...


Cheapest Market Delhi: Who doesn't like shopping? Everyone goes out shopping as soon as they get time. But, many times due to low budgets, people are not able to buy the things they want. Such problems often come to the fore when someone has gone to a big mall or a big showroom for shopping. Today we are going to tell you a solution related to this problem.


Today we are going to tell you about such a market in Delhi, the capital of the country, where clothes are available for just a few rupees per kg. Even in this era of inflation, very cheap clothes are available in this market. Here you can easily find a variety of clothes ranging from jeans to winter jackets, sweaters, tops, suits, and many more. Let us tell you about this market without delay.

Where is this market?
This market is located on Shivaji Road in the country's capital Delhi. You will also get the metro to go here. The Hazari and Pul Bangash metro stations are the nearest to this market. After coming here by metro, you can walk to the market.

Her clothes are available at the price of a kilo
You must have always bought clothes by counting them, but in this market, you get clothes at the price of kilos. You will easily find bundles of 10 to 50 clothes here. Some cloth bundles range from 1 kg to 45 kg.

keep this in mind
While shopping here, keep in mind that you do not get cloth in a single piece in the market. While buying something from here, make sure to buy a bundle of large quantities because sometimes clothes can come out defective.


Starts from just Rs 12 per kg
In this market, you can buy clothes for just Rs 12 per kg. While buying clothes, you will also get to hear many different things. Some shopkeepers say that these clothes are imported and some say that they are from India only. According to the business also, people buy clothes from here.

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