Business Idea: You can earn better by doing a spice-making business, know the details here...


If you are planning to start a business then today we are giving you a business idea. After doing this business, you can earn a good profit. In this business, you have to invest very little and you have to invest only once. Then you can earn lakhs of rupees throughout your life and the special thing about this business is that it is in demand all the time. Spices play an important role in the kitchen of India. There are many varieties of spices available in the country. They can be made easily. You can earn better by doing a spice-making business.


How much will it cost
According to a report, setting up a spice-making unit will cost up to Rs 3 lakh 50 thousand. In which Rs 60 thousand will be spent on 300 square feet building shed and 40 thousand rupees will be spent on equipment. Also, Rs 2.50 lakh will be needed for the expenditure on starting the work.

How much will the income
Annually 193 quintals of spice can be produced. In which a total of Rs 10.42 lakh can be sold in a year at Rs 5400 per quintal. If you remove all the expenses in this, then you will earn 2.54 lakh rupees in a year. Accordingly, you can earn up to 21 thousand rupees per month.


How to promote
Products are sold on the design of your packing. You can also get the packing designed. The better you make the packing, the more your product is likely to be sold, as well as you can directly contact the shopkeeper to sell your product and you can also sell your product online. You can also promote your product on social media platforms for better profits.

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