Business Idea: Start this work with less investment and less space, know the details here...


If you are thinking of starting any business. After doing the business that you can get better profits, then today we are giving you a similar business idea. The special thing about this business is that you have to invest very little in this business and you will need less space and you can earn a big money by doing this business. The name of this business is Frozen Pea Business. The demand for this business remains throughout the year. Green peas are available only during the winter season. Vegetables and other things are made from green peas at weddings. Let us know how you can earn a better profit by doing this business.


How to start a business
You can do the business of frozen peas from a small room as well as you will need laborers to peel the peas. If you want to start a business on a large scale, then you will need a large space as well as you will also need machines. Also, you have to get a license.

Process of making frozen peas
To make this, first, you have to peel the peas. After that, the peas are boiled at a temperature of about 90 degrees centigrade. Then the pea grains are put in cold water up to 3-5 degrees centigrade so that the bacteria are killed. After that, the next task is to keep these peas at a temperature of up to 40 degrees. So that the snow freezes in the peas. So that the snow freezes in the peas. Then the peas are packed in packets of different weights and delivered to the market.


How much will you earn
Talking about earnings, you can earn 60-70 percent from the business of frozen peas. You can buy peas from farmers for Rs 20 per kg. About 2 kg of peas makes 1 kg of grains. You can also earn better profits by selling it at a wholesale price of Rs 120.

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