Business Idea: Start this business today, it will be of great benefit, know the details here...


If you are thinking of starting a business from which you can make good profits. So today we are giving you a business idea. This business can be very beneficial for you. The name of this business is the business of making bricks. The special thing about this business is that it will not cost you much in this business.


How to start a business
To start the business of ash bricks, you will first need to invest some money as well as you need a place. In which you will start your business. Bricks are very strong and durable. You can earn crores after starting this business. You just have to invest minimum money in the beginning. After that, you can earn a better profit.

What will be needed
To start this business, first of all, you will need a place. You should have 100 yards of land for this business. The ash from power plants, stone dust, cement, etc. will have to be used and you will also need 6-7 people to make bricks using the machine. With all these things, you can start a business easily.

How much will it cost
To start a bricks business, you will have to invest around 2 lakh rupees. If you also buy a manual machine then you will need 100 yards of land. You will have to spend about 2 lakh rupees to get the material for making bricks.


How much will the profit
Talking about profits from the business of bricks, then every month you can earn a profit of up to Rs 1 lakh. If the business becomes bigger, then the profit will also increase, then you can earn crores from this business. This business can become a very profitable business for you.

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