Business Idea: Earn lakhs of rupees by cultivating tuberose flower, there will be no tension of job, know more...


If you also want to start a business from which you can earn good money by investing less cost, then today we will talk about one such business idea. In this business, you can earn lakhs of rupees a month with very little investment. We are talking about tuberose flower farming. Let us tell you that tuberose has an important place in fragrant flowers. Tuberose flowers remain fragrant and fresh for a long time, so their demand is very high in the market.


Let us tell you that tuberose (Poloanthus tuberose Linn) originated in the country of Mexico. This flower is a plant of the family Amaryllidaceae. In India, it is cultivated in other states including West Bengal, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Uttar Pradesh.

Use cow dung as manure
Before cultivating it, add 6-8 trolleys of good dung manure in the field at the rate per acre. Also, fertilizers like NPK or DAP can be used. It is cultivated from tubers like potatoes and about 20 thousand tubers are found in one acre. Keep in mind that always plant fresh, good, and big tubers, so that you can get a good yield in floriculture. Let us tell you that in India, tuberose flowers are being cultivated in an area of ​​about 20 thousand hectares. It is also cultivated in countries like France, Italy, South Africa, America, etc.

Know, how much will you earn?
If you cultivate tuberose flowers in one acre of land, then you get about 1 lakh sticks (flowers) of tuberose flower. You can sell these in nearby flower markets. If there is a big temple, flower shop, wedding house, etc. nearby, then you can get better prices for flowers from there. A tuberose flower is sold for 1.5 to 8 rupees, which will depend on how much demand is there and how much is being supplied. That is, you can earn from Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 8 lakh only by cultivating tuberose flowers on one acre.


About tuberose
Let us tell you that tuberose is a fragrant flowering plant that is found all over India. Tuberose flower is flask (the funnel) shaped and white, about 25 mm long, and fragrant. The flower of tuberose is also known as 'Unknown' and 'Sugandharaj' in some places. Tuberose flower is very much liked due to its pleasant smell, staying fresh for a long time, and ability to carry it far.

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