Black Friday: What is Black Friday, the preparations are being made fiercely for shopping on this day...


Wherever you look, you can see the advertisement for Black Friday. From social media to every website, the Black Friday sale is advertised. If you are thinking of shopping on this special day. So definitely do, here we are going to tell you about this special day. After all, why this Friday in November is known as Black Friday?


Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the last Thursday of November. The next day of which is Black Friday. This year this special day will be on 26 November.

On Black Friday, offline and online stores give huge discounts. People also do a lot of shopping during this sale. People think that Black Friday is a very happy day. But a very sad incident is associated with this day. The term Black Friday was first used by the police of Philadelphia. When in the 1950s, a crowd of people gathered for a football match being held in the city the day after Thanksgiving Day. But the cancellation of the match made it difficult to handle the crowd in the city. Because of this, the policemen named this day Black Friday.

In the 1961s, shopkeepers called this day by the name of Big Friday. And wrote to promote shopping outside his shop. But it did not become very famous. After 1985, this phrase became very famous in America. Big business stores attached the name to the Thanksgiving Day sale.


Now Black Friday Sale has become famous not only in America but all over the world. On this day people start shopping fiercely for Christmas and New Year. So if you also want to take advantage of the sale on Black Friday, then you will get huge discounts on everything from offline to online. Hui. ,

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