Benefits Of Amla For Hair: Amla is best for increasing hair growth, know the right way to use it...


Benefits of Amla for Hair: Today most people are troubled by the problem of hair. Excessive hair fall, untimely whitening, the problem of dandruff, etc. are becoming common today. However, by using amla in hair, you can avoid these problems to a great extent. Amla has been used for years to make hair healthy, thick, and strong. If you have not yet known about the benefits of applying Amla to hair, then know here and start applying it from today itself. You can use amla in hair in many ways. Along with strengthening the hair, it also increases hair growth. Let us know about the benefits of Amla for hair and some ways to use it here.


Amla is a great Ayurvedic herb for hair. Hair grows faster with regular use. Also, the problem of untimely graying of hair does not bother you. The forces are stronger from the root, causing less hair breakage. People who have a lot of dandruff problems in their hair should apply its juice to the scalp. Along with hair fall, then you must include it in the diet as well. Chew and eat one raw Indian gooseberry every day, this will not only strengthen the hair but also strengthen the immunity. You can stay away from many diseases. Vitamin C is very high in Amla, which makes immunity strong.

Benefits of amla for hair
Along with Vitamin C, Vitamin E is also present in Amla, which along with keeping the hair healthy, also provides complete nutrition. Its regular intake can increase hair growth. Amla reduces oxidative stress in the hair follicles, which leads to better hair growth. If the hair does not grow long quickly, then apply gooseberry oil. Massage the scalp with this oil, it will also eliminate dandruff. If your hair falls a lot, then definitely use Amla. Vitamin C increases the formation of collagen, which can protect hair cells from damage. Along with this, it also removes the problems occurring on the scalp. The tannin element present in it can also protect the hair from the sun's rays.

How to use amla in hair
You can apply hair oil containing amla to your hair. Apply oil at least twice a week. Herbal shampoo made of amla is also good for hair. You can do champi on the head with amla oil. To increase hair growth, you can mix amla powder and coconut oil together and use them as a hair pack. Apart from this, mix one spoon of Shikakai powder with one spoon of amla powder in a bowl. Add water to it and mix.


Apply this paste thoroughly on the hair and scalp. Let it dry for 30 minutes, then apply some mild shampoo to the hair and wash the hair. You can apply this hair pack once a week. Along with applying a paste made of gooseberry to your hair, you should take a healthy diet. You can also drink the fresh juice of Amla or eat it raw, its pickle, and marmalade regularly will not only benefit the hair but will also benefit the overall health in many ways.

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