Beauty Tips: These mistakes made during bleach spoil the hair, know and be careful..


To get beauty, women nowadays like to take many types of beauty treatments in the parlor or at home. Many of these treatments are related to hair. One such process is to bleach the hair, which has become a trend at present. But do you know that this process which makes hair attractive can also spoil them. Yes, it has often been seen that while bleaching hair, girls make many mistakes, due to which the hair has to face damage. Today in this episode we are going to tell you about the same mistakes.


Do patch test
If you are going to bleach your hair for the first time, then do a patch test once. With this you can know whether it is good for your hair or not. Actually, it is a chemical-rich product, which can damage the hair. If you have any kind of allergy from doing it, then stop immediately. Apart from this, sometimes there is no understanding of color. In such a situation, it is necessary to do a patch test before applying it to the wrong color hair.

Use good quality bleach
Avoid messing with the hair in any way. If you want to bleach, then use a good brand product. Along with this, read the instructions given on the packet thoroughly. Don't make the mistake of bleaching the way others have suggested. It is better that you read the instructions on the packet thoroughly before applying it on the hair.

Deep conditioning required
Deep conditioning of the hair is essential before going to bleach the hair. Don't make the mistake of bleaching if your hair is already damaged.


Mistake of leaving bleach unattended
Open the cream at the same time as you are about to bleach your hair. Sometimes after making the cream we leave it open for a long time. Its effect is not visible on the hair. Apart from this, after applying bleach to the hair, do not leave it like this for a long time. Apply on the hair as per the instructions on the packet and wash the hair after the time is up.

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