Beauty Tips: These manicure-related mistakes can spoil your look, Know about them....


To make your look good, every part of the body must be clean and beautiful. In this, women take the help of manicure for the beauty of the feet. Most of the women prefer to get it done in the parlor itself. Although many people do it at home too. But it is seen that due to lack of correct information, women make some mistakes related to manicure, due to which there can be some kind of adverse effect on the nails and it can ruin the look. In such a situation, today we have brought information about those mistakes related to manicure, which you make unknowingly and you need to avoid them.


Not cleaning tools
You use a variety of tools to do a manicure. Those that are left untreated can pose a danger to you. Using unwashed equipment can cause dirt and bacteria to infect your hands and nails. Therefore, disinfect the tools by first washing the tools with disinfectant and keep them clean even after use.

Do not shape the nails in the beginning
Many times it happens that we start applying nail polish directly while painting the nails. However, this is our biggest mistake. It is very important to always shape the nails at the beginning of a manicure and before nail paint application. Before everything else, cut and shape your nails to the desired size. Only then do you proceed. If you do it at the end, your nail paint is more likely to go bad.


Not using a basecoat
It is very important to use a base coat before doing a manicure, which women do not do. Using a base coat acts as a protective layer for your nails. Therefore, every time you do a manicure, apply a base coat before applying nail paint.

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