Beauty Tips: There will be many benefits of doing a paraffin wax manicure in winter, try to make your hands soft and beautiful...


Tips to do paraffin wax manicure at home: In winter the skin starts to look dry and lifeless. To take special care of the skin, most people follow a special skincare routine in winter, but due to doing many household chores in daily life, the skin of the hands becomes rough and hard. In such a situation, if you want, you can make your hands soft and beautiful in winter by doing a paraffin wax manicure at home.


To make the skin of the hands glow, many people like to get a manicure done in the parlor, but in winter, getting a paraffin wax manicure done is the best option. This makes your hands look soft and attractive. Let us know about the method of doing a paraffin wax manicure at home and some of its benefits.

Benefits of doing paraffin wax manicure
Paraffin wax manicure is completely pure and chemical-free. In such a situation, there is no risk of side effects of chemical-rich products on the skin by doing a paraffin wax manicure and due to this, your hands start glowing naturally. At the same time, it is a better option to try a paraffin wax manicure to strengthen the nails. Ways to do paraffin wax manicure at home-

Heat the wax
To do a paraffin wax manicure, you can buy any paraffin wax from the market containing the ingredients of lavender, eucalyptus, vanilla, rosemary, and mint. Now melt this wax by heating it in the microwave and then keep it cool slightly.

Massage hands
Before doing a paraffin wax manicure, it is necessary to moisturize the hands. In this case, apply a good brand of cream, lotion, or moisturizer on your hands and massage them. This will keep the moisture of the skin of the hands intact.

Dip hands
Dip the hands completely in the wax after the wax cools down a bit and then take them out after 5 seconds. Now repeat this process 5-7 times. With this, 5-7 layers of paraffin wax will be applied to your hands.

Cover hands with cloth
After applying wax to your hands, cover your hands with a soft cloth. Due to this, the wax applied to the hands will remain warm for a long time and its good effect will be seen on the skin. Now remove the wax after half an hour.


Apply moisturizer
Do not forget to apply cream or lotion on your hands after removing the wax. At the same time, after moisturizing the skin of the hands well, wear gloves on the hands. Now after taking off the gloves after half an hour, the dryness of your hands will disappear and your hands will look soft.

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