Beauty Tips: Nowadays the trend of leech therapy is increasing, know for what purposes it is used...


Leech Therapy: In India too, the number of people getting Leech therapy done is increasing. Not only one but these therapies are also being used for many benefits or to get rid of many physical problems. From skin-related problems to acne, baldness etc. it is also being used. Along with this, it is also being used to get back virginity. So today we tell you how to leech therapy is done and for which problems it is used.


What is leech therapy?
Leech means leech. This is a special kind of leech therapy. You must be thinking that leech does the work of sucking blood. By the way, something similar happens in this therapy as well. Through leech therapy, waste blood is removed from the body and some disease is treated by separating the bad blood. Leech therapy is also called hirudotherapy. In this therapy, leeches are passed on to the human body. The whole process of this therapy goes something like this. For example, stick the leech to the part of the body where you want to do leech therapy, and then the leech works to purify the blood of that area with its saliva. You can consider it a good way of blood purification. This therapy lasts for about 40 minutes.


How useful is this therapy?
Leech therapy works in many ways, not just one. Diseases of many parts of the body are cured through this therapy. According to reports, arthritis, diabetes, hearing problems, eye problems, blood pressure, kidney problems, migraine, and skin diseases are cured through this.

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