Beauty Tips: If you use blackheads removal nose strip, then take care of these things...


Skin care tips: Sometimes apart from pimples and acne on the face, the problem of blackheads also becomes common. On the other hand, blackheads on the skin usually start from the nose only. Because of this, the skin around the nose and looks black and dirty. In such a situation, most people use nose strips to remove blackheads from the nose. However, before using the nose strip, it is necessary to take special care of some things. It is very easy to remove blackheads with a nose strip. But it is also very important to take special precautions while using the nose strip. Many times people do not follow all the steps of a nose strip due to a lack of information. Due to this, there is a problem in removing blackheads. So let us tell you about the method of using a nose strip, with the help of which you can easily remove blackheads.


Clean face
Many times people apply the nose strip on the face without cleaning the face. Due to this, the extra oil on the face gets applied in the strip and the nose strip does not stick properly on the face. In such a situation, even all the blackheads cannot be removed. Therefore, before applying the nose strip, wash your face and dry it thoroughly. Also, if you want, you can apply powder to keep the face dry.

Steam your face
You can also take face steam to make the nose strip more effective on the face. Let us tell you that taking steam opens the pores of the face. Due to this blackheads come out easily. Along with this, the dirt present in the pores also gets cleaned.

Apply nose strip in parts
By applying the entire nose strip on the face at once, you may face difficulty in removing it. Also, all the blackheads do not come out of it. Therefore, before applying the nose strip, cut it into three parts. Now apply these strips on the right side, left side, and middle of the nose, and press them. Then peel off the strips one by one.


Massage with aloe vera gel
After removing the nose strip, you can use aloe vera gel to get rid of dryness and irritation of the skin. For this, apply aloe vera gel on the nose and massage it with light hands. This will moisturize your skin. Along with this, the skin of the nose will also look soft and shiny.

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