Beauty Tips: Follow these home remedies to remove the blackness of the neck, know here...


Every person tries various home remedies to make his skin beautiful and glowing, but all the remedies are mostly done for the face only. If you have ever noticed, the neck of many people looks black. Sometimes they also have to face embarrassment in front of others. To remove the blackness of the neck, today we will tell you some home remedies, by adopting which you can remove the blackness of the neck.


-Take one big spoon of gram flour, add a pinch of turmeric, one spoon of lemon juice, and one spoon of curd and mix it well. Apply this prepared thick paste on your neck and leave it for 20 minutes, then wash it with lukewarm water. You repeat this remedy two to three times a week.

-Prepare a paste by mixing baking soda in ordinary water. Now apply this mixture on the neck and leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it with normal water. Do this remedy twice a week.

-To remove the blackness of the neck, take half a cup of raw milk. Now apply this milk on the neck with the help of cotton. Wash with normal water after half an hour. By doing this remedy regularly for 1 month, positive results will be seen.

-Aloe vera can also be an effective remedy to remove the blackness of the neck. For this, take an aloe vera leaf and remove its green layer and put 2 pinches of turmeric on the gel and massage the affected area for a while. This process can be done 3 days a week. Will get the benefit.


-Cut the tomato into two parts and rub half of it on the neck. Leave the tomato juice on the neck for 20 minutes. After that wash it with plain water.

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