Auto Tips: How to jump-start a car? This trick will not do any harm, know here..


Car travel is a lot of fun. But sometimes it happens that you take your car to a far-flung area and the car is not starting due to low battery. Apart from this, there is no mechanic to be found nearby. It's a scary situation, but you can start your car with a simple trick.


You can jumpstart the car. This is a good way to start the car when the battery is low. Another car is also needed for this. However, not all car owners know how to jumpstart. Sometimes jumpstart can be dangerous too. So here are some tips to tell you, so that you can jumpstart in a completely safe way.

Remove jumper cable
Always keep a jumper cable in the trunk of the car. Remember that your car is a machine and machines can break down at any time without being informed. Therefore, always carry a set of jumper cables, as this will come in handy when your vehicle needs jumpstarting.

Park both cars in neutral
When you find another car, park both cars in neutral and turn off the ignition of both cars. Also apply parking brakes in both cars. To jumpstart the car, you must connect the jumper cables in the correct sequence.

Connect the jumper cable to the battery like this
Connect the red clip of the jumper to the positive terminal of your car battery. It usually comes with a POS or + sign and is larger than the negative terminal. Also, connect the second red clip to the positive terminal of the other car. Connect one of the black clips to the negative terminal of the other car's battery and the last black clip to the unpainted metal surface of your car.


Start another car and then your
After this start the other car and let its engine run for a few minutes. Then try to start your car. If your car does not start, check that the cables are connected properly. The engine of the second car has been running for at least five minutes. Then try to start your car. If your car still does not start after this, then a mechanic will be needed.

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