Asthma Care: Asthma patients are more at risk of heart attack and stroke in winter, this is how to avoid...


Risk of a heart attack in Asthma: The problem increases for asthma patients in winter. Till now there is no complete cure for asthma but this disease can be controlled by diet, inhalers, and some medicines. But if not taken care of properly, asthma increases the risk of heart attack and stroke in adults. This thing has come to the fore in a study. The study said that people who are suffering from severe asthma disease and are taking medicines for this have a higher risk of heart attack and stroke. In the study, the researchers found that in people who had frequent asthma complaints, despite taking medicines, the level of inflammation in their blood increased significantly.


Plaque in the carotid artery
The increased level of inflammation in the blood has a very bad effect on the cardiovascular system. Due to this, there is an accumulation of sticky substance plaque in the blood vessels, which increases unnecessary pressure on the heart and blocks the carotid artery. Blood reaches the brain from the carotid artery. The plaque was found in the carotid arteries of 67 percent of people with asthma, compared to 50 percent of people without asthma or mild asthma.

Most doctors don't even know
According to the study, people who had persistent asthma had two carotid plaques while others only had one. Dr. Matthew C. Tattersall, the lead researcher of this study, said that most doctors and patients are not aware that the arteries of severe asthma patients can be inflamed. That's why this study is very important for those people who have frequent complaints of asthma. The risk of heart attack and stroke increases due to inflammation in the arteries. For this reason, doctors will now warn them so that timely rescue can be done.


Ways to avoid the severity of asthma
Asthma patients should always keep an inhaler with them. Apart from this, always keep consulting the doctor. Asthma patients always have to keep steroid medicine with them. Asthma patients have to avoid dust, dust, and cold. That's why avoid going out in winter as much as possible.

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