Android Tips: On Birthday-Anniversary, the message will automatically go to friends, just do this setting in the phone..


Schedule Message: Many types of features are given in Android smartphones for a better experience for the users. To improve the experience, new updates keep coming in it every day. Of these, there is a special feature, through which birthday or anniversary messages are scheduled on Android smartphones. Many times it happens that we want to send a normal, birthday or anniversary message to a person, but when the time comes, we forget due to busy work. In such a situation, many times our friends also get angry with us. Android has found a solution to this. With the help of this feature, you can schedule your messages. Let's know in detail.


Schedule message
Are you also one of those people, who do not remember the birthdays and anniversaries etc. of their friends or family members? If yes, then we are going to tell you about such a feature, by which you can schedule birthday and anniversary greetings in advance. With this, this message will be received by the other person on the relevant date. Apart from this, many people do not remember any particular day. In such a situation, this feature can be very useful. Also, make it clear here that the scheduled message will be delivered only when your phone is connected to WiFi or data. Also, this feature is only available for phones running Android 7 or newer.


Schedule messages like this
Open the Google Messages app on your Android smartphone
Now select the contact you want to message and type the message.
Then tap and hold on to the Send button.
In front, you will see the option of Scheduled Send, click on it.
By doing this, 3-time slots will open in front of you for the second day.
You can select any of those slots or you can select the day and time according to your choice by clicking on Pick Date and Time.
After selecting, click on Next.
Now click on Save to confirm.
After this, your message will be scheduled.

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