Amazing Job: Only Candy's test is to tell, you will get 60 lakh rupees, know more about it...


Some amazing types of jobs keep popping up in the world. In this episode, a new job has emerged. To test this candy. Yes, whoever gets this job, his job will be to test the company's ready-made candy and tell its taste. For those who want to get a salary for eating candy, then now is a special opportunity for them. The Canadian candy company Candy Funhouse is hiring a "Chief Candy Officer" (CCO) to be the company's chief taste tester.


How much will the salary
According to the job listing, the CCO must test at least 3,500 products per month and clear candy inventory. His approval will be treated as the official 'CCO Stamp of Approval. Talking about the salary, 100,000 Canadian dollars (or about $ 78,000 in the US) will be paid per year, which in Indian currency as of today is more than 60 lakhs.

Where to work
If you are a Canadian resident, in Toronto, and a US citizen, you can work from a company office in Newark, New Jersey. At the same time, remote work (from a distance from the office) is also allowed for this work.


Passion for candy
All you need is a passion for candy, pop culture, and a sweet tooth, according to the job notification. Let us tell you that this is not the first job of a strange kind being offered by any company. Rather, Texas delivery company Favre offered a "chief taco (a Mexican dish) officer" job this year to sample tacos in nine different regions. His salary was $ 10,000 (about Rs 8 lakh).

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