Aloe Vera Laddu Recipe: Make aloe vera laddus in winter, they are very beneficial in pain, know the recipe here...


Aloe Vera Ladoo: One has to take great care of one's health during winter because in this season the pain of old injury also emerges and gives a lot of trouble. In such a situation, doctors constantly advise people to include those things in the diet which generate heat in the body. Cowpea means Aloe vera is included in these things. You must have heard many benefits of applying aloe vera outside the body. The nutrients present in it are helpful from strengthening the hair to bringing a glow on the face. But, do you know that aloe vera laddu is also very beneficial for the body? Because of this, today we will tell you the method of making aloe vera laddus and the benefits of eating it.


How to make Aloe Vera Laddus
To make laddoos, firstly the cowpeas are thoroughly washed in water. After this, by taking out the thorns on its side, the aloe vera is divided into two parts and the pulp inside it is taken out in a separate vessel.

Now, take thick wheat flour in it, mix it with country ghee according to the quantity and knead it. After kneading, round laddoos are made from the dough. After this, these laddus are again put in the pan and cooked in desi ghee. So that it can reach the benefits of desi ghee to the body. Lots of dry fruits are added to it.

Know its benefits
In this winter season, food items are made by mixing jaggery and sesame seeds in all of our homes. There are many benefits of consuming it in the body. Apart from these, today we are telling you the benefits of eating aloe vera laddus.


Aloe vera laddoos contain roasted flour with dry fruits, it is beneficial in many types of diseases and disorders. By its use, there is a lot of benefit in the pain of the bones of the elderly.

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