7th Pay Commission: July is very special for government employees, money will come into the account at the beginning of the month itself...

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Government employees wait for July. This month the government gives double benefits to the employees. If there is an increase in Dearness Allowance (DA Hike) in July, along with it the salary of the employees also increases.


Its benefit is available to everyone from lower-level employees to top officials. Let us tell you that the government increases Dearness Allowance twice a year and salary increment once. This year too, there will be an increase in salary increment and DA of government employees in July. Although the government had increased the dearness allowance in January, DA increased again in July.

Let us understand with the help of example, how much money will the employees get after increasing DA and salary?

How much will DA increase?
The government had increased the dearness allowance by 4 percent in January. In such a situation, this time also it is expected that DA will increase again by 4 percent in July. Understand it this way, if the basic salary of an employee is Rs 50,000, then 4 percent of it will be Rs 2,000.

This means that the employee's DA will increase by Rs 2,000, which means the employee will get Rs 2,000 more in the July salary.

How much will be the increment?
Every year in July, the salary of employees increases by about 3 percent. This means that if the basic salary of the employee is Rs 50 thousand, then 3 percent of it is Rs 1,500. That means the salary of the employees increases by Rs 1,500.


In this way, employees will benefit from the increase in DA and salary in July. If we talk about how much money will increase in total in the account, then on a basic salary of Rs 50 thousand, there will be a DA of Rs 2,000 and a salary increment of Rs 1500.

Its total is Rs 3,500, which means there will be an increase of Rs 3,500 in the basic salary of the employee in July.

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