5G network: The problem of call drop is happening even after having a 5G network; Know what is the reason for this..


Sometimes call drop problems are common, which may be due to network problems. But what if you are constantly facing the problem of random call drops and even after a lot of effort, the problem is not getting resolved?


These Telecom companies like Jio, Airtel, and Vi have continuously improved their networks to provide a better experience, more towers have been installed, but the problem of call drops still persists. This problem has increased further in the last few years

Why did the problem increase?
     The problem of call drop has suddenly increased in the last few years, but today we are going to tell you the reason behind it.

     According to the report, 5G could be the reason behind this, because 5G is a new network technology, which only Reliance Jio and Airtel have started introducing for their customers.

     Even though this service brings benefits like fast internet speed and low latency, it also brings problems like call drops.

     The biggest reason for this is connectivity range because 5G bands have low range and this can be the reason for call drops.

     Let us tell you that the two main bands used for 5G networks around the world are mmWave and sub-6GHz. Sub-6GHz is slightly better than mmWave and provides a longer-range network, but it is much less than the range of 4G.

     This is not a new problem for Mare and we have been facing this problem for many years now.

Why is there a problem in the connectivity range?
     Even though to deal with this problem, Airtel and Reliance Jio have installed many 5G towers across the country or at least in areas where 5G services are available.

     However, people are still facing problems because the 5G network keeps fluctuating when moving to a different area or from one area to another. Therefore, when the 5G signal strength decreases, the phone automatically switches to the 4G network.

     In case you are on a call during the switching time, the phone loses signal for a few seconds and this may cause a call drop.


How can the problem be solved?
Although there is no permanent solution for this, you can shift your phone to 5G network now. This will not only improve things in terms of calling, but the battery life of your phone will also improve to some extent.

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