5-Star Cruise in Ayodhya: 5-star cruise will run on the Saryu River in Ramnagar Ayodhya..


The plan to run a cruise in Ayodhya's Saryu River is also going to take concrete form next month. Where this cruise will be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, and the culture and civilization of Ayodhya will be shown through audio and video.


The Saryu beach spread over 12 kilometers in Ayodhya has a distinct identity of its own. Given the strong possibilities of tourism on the 84 ghats here, their beauty is being further enhanced. This cruise will be run in an area of about 15 kilometers from Naya Ghat to Guptar Ghat.

Tourists and devotees will also be served delicious dishes on this cruise running in the current of Saryu.

One and a half hundred tourists will be able to sit and enjoy at a time, along with this there will be 8 to 12 rooms, and facilities like five-star hotels will be available on the cruise.

A 15-minute cultural program will also be organized on every trip, apart from this, the culture and civilization of Ayodhya will also be introduced to the tourists and devotees traveling on the cruise through audio and video.

The design of the cruise floating on Saryu will be like Pushpak Viman. The plan to run a cruise in Saryu was made in October last year.


In front of Chaudhary Charan Singh Ghat, 6,000 square feet of land of the Tourism Department has been given to the Municipal Corporation. Arrangements related to cruise operations will be made at this place.
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