5 Most Spectacular Bridges in the World


Not only in India but also in other countries, you must have seen ordinary bridges. Seeing whom you do not get very excited, and this bridge looks like other bridges to you. But do you know, there are many bridges in the world whose beauty is worth seeing? There are some beautiful bridges in the world, seeing which you will be forced to click the photo.

Lucky Knot Bridge (China) - Lucky Knot Bridge


This bridge is built in Changsha city of China and is about 606 feet long and 78 feet high. The unique design of this bridge has been made for pedestrians. Vehicles are not allowed to come here.

Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain (South Korea) Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain


It comes in the count of the world's most famous bridge. Banpo Bridge over the Heon River in Seoul. It is a multifunctional bridge whose night view looks very beautiful and charming.

Dragon Bridge (Vietnam) Dragon Bridge


There is a big dragon built on this bridge, and because of this design, it is called Dragon Bridge. The view of this bridge becomes even more beautiful at night when colorful lights are lit on it.

Eshima Ohashi (Japan)


This bridge is made in the shape of a slope, which looks very dangerous. This bridge is about 1700 meters long and 11 meters wide.

Twin Sails Bridge Dorset (England) Twin Sails Bridge


This bridge was constructed in 2012 and the special thing about this bridge is that this bridge opens from both sides. This bridge is used to pass ships and boats.

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