1 Rupee Note: If you have this 1 rupee note then you will become the owner of 7 lakhs...


A small hobby of yours can make you a millionaire in minutes. Many people are fond of collecting old notes and coins. If you also want to earn from home, then this is a great opportunity for you. With these notes and coins, you can earn lakhs sitting at home. For this, you do not have to make any kind of investment. If you have this special rupee note, then you will easily get Rs 7 lakh for it.


Actually, 26 years ago, the Government of India stopped this one rupee note, but its printing was started again in January 2015, after which this note became new in the market. Was brought in the form. But today here we are talking about the one rupee note even before independence, through which you can become a millionaire.
Why is this note special?

The special thing about this note sold for Rs 7 lakh is that it is the only note before independence, which has the signature of the then Governor of that time, JW Kelly. This note is 80 years old. It was issued by British India in 1935. Apart from this, a one rupee note of 1966 is worth Rs 45. Similarly, a note of 1957 is available for Rs 57.

You will be able to sell these notes like this
If you have such special notes then you can sell them online on OLX.
Buyers are paying a huge amount for this rare note on this website.

After this, click and upload the photos of both sides of the note.
After this enter your mobile number and e-mail ID.
The website should verify the information given by you.
Whoever wants to buy will contact you.


Bundles of notes will give profits
If you have a collection of such notes then you can earn good income. You can sell this collection of yours on eBay. You can earn a total of Rs 34,999 in exchange for a bundle of 59 notes from the years 1949, 1957, and 1964. At the same time, you can earn up to Rs 15,000 from a bundle of one rupee note of 1957. In this way, these special notes can make you a millionaire sitting at home.

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