Dalljiet Kaur Mehendi Ceremony: Dalljiet Kaur made children's paintings on her hands, a glimpse of the future family..


Dalljiet Kaur showed glimpses of the future family on her palms. Along with this, she did a lot of dancing and singing with friends and her husband in Sangeet Ceremonies. She looked very happy.


Dalljiet Kaur talked about her mehndi design in an interview given to ETimes. She said, “This is a thoughtful mehndi design. Nikhil and my life were defined in every way.


Dalljiet Kaur said, "On one side is the bride and camera. 'Take 2' is also written because this is what is happening in my life. On the other side is an airplane because Nikhil travels a lot."


Dalljiet Kaur added, "There is also a drawing of two parents and three children - Dalljiet's 9-year-old son Jaydon and Nikhil's 13-year-old daughter - Ariana and 8-year-old daughter Anika."


Dalljiet Kaur said, "I hope that we will hold hands together forever as parents and as a family. Together we will take care of our three children."

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