Tips To Look Young: If you want to look young then take care of these body parts, know here...


After the age of 40, wrinkles and fine lines start appearing on the skin. In such a situation, women do a lot of effort to keep their skin young and tight. Taking proper care of the skin reduces the effect of age on the face and makes you look young. But along with the face, she does not take care of these parts of the body. Because of this people can guess your exact age by looking at the first sight. And you must be wondering how it came to know about my exact age.
If you want to look young even after the age of 40, then take care of these parts of the body properly.


Facial care is done according to age. But you do not give proper care to your hands. Because of this wrinkles start appearing on the hands and as soon as you come in front of someone, he can guess your age because first of all the eyes go on the hands. If you want to look ten years younger even after the age of 40, then take care of your hands in a better way.

If you always keep getting eyebrows set then never make this mistake with aging. To appear younger, place the eyebrows according to the shape of the face. Thick and dense eyebrows help in showing less age. So instead of threading and plucker, grow eyebrows for a few days and then set them with the help of experts. So that your age looks less.

Perfect product for skin
Along with applying makeup on the face, buy skin care products with a lot of smartness. Buy and use the product according to the need of your face. So that it has the right effect on the skin.


Use the right foundation
Instead of using a full coverage foundation as you age, apply a medium or light coverage foundation. So that the face does not look too heavy and artificial. Light foundations help to make the face look naturally beautiful.

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